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  • Ward Becker

Kutztown policy reversed based on misinformation

Published as a letter to the editor in the Reading Eagle


       On December 20th the Kutztown School Board voted to rescind its equity policy (“Board rescinds district equity policy.” Reading Eagle, Dec. 22).  The decision was the culmination of a two-year political campaign based on blatantly false claims that the policy was:

  • A leftist document

  • designed to make white children ashamed of their skin color  

  • age inappropriate 

  • reverse discriminatory 

  • designed to create equal outcomes for all students

  • designed to force teachers and students to accept all value statements and actions

  • designed to promote critical race theory

  • creating racial tension

     The opponents of the policy in the public and on the board were repeatedly asked to cite the language in the policy that supported these claims. They refused because the facts and logical reasoning did not support their position.  Then, for political purposes they continued this false narrative and spread the seeds of fear, distrust, animosity, and polarization in the district hoping that the electorate would be persuaded to accept inferior ideas and disinformation.  In November 51.9% did and elected a board majority who did rescind the policy.

      Hopefully in future the board members who voted to rescind this policy will use the district Mission and Vision Statements - to inspire learners to grow as contributing members of the global community and to maximize potential, embrace change, and create the future - as their touchstones, not political rhetoric. 

Ward G. Becker, Maxatawny Township

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