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Join us for Coffee with KOFEE Candidates

You are cordially invited to have Coffee with KOFEE Candidates on October 28, 2023 from 9:00 - 11:00 am at the St. Barnabas Center at 234 East Main St., Kutztown. Join us for coffee, snacks and conversation. The five candidates endorsed by KOFEE are willing and eager to meet you, the members of the community they wish to serve.

Caecilia Holt, Laurel Ziegler, Dennis Ritter, Char Horst, and Charles Brown are sensible candidates that support our public education system. They are respected, serious, thoughtful leaders that support:

  • A safe and welcoming school for all students, including those who are ethnically diverse and LGBTQ+

  • An equitable school that supports each student with what they need to excel

  • A positive work environment for our teachers and no reduction to teaching staff

  • Age-appropriate books for students - without banning books

  • A public, non-religious education that is not overrun by school directors wanting to push their own religion on students

  • Quality, award-winning programs for students in the arts, trade, and athletics

  • Fiscal responsibility for current programs

  • Academic content taught in our classrooms that won’t be censored or politicized

Sadly, the opposition candidates refused an invitation by the League of Women Voters to attend a panel discussion with all ten candidates for school board in the KASD. By doing so, they took away your opportunity to ask them about what they stand for and support. It seems that they do not want to engage with the community in an open manner. Rather, they prefer that you watch their video, which is full of misinformation, without a means to ask them to clarify their position. What are they afraid of?

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