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Facts matter

Facts matter because without them we cannot tell the difference between lies, false statements, and the truth, engage in rational thinking/discussions, or construct meaningful models of reality. To deny the facts is to deny reason, reality, and truth.

Here and abroad people, groups, organizations, and governments intentionally use lies and motivated ignorance (ignoring information perceived as inconvenient, disturbing, or unwelcome) in their pursuit of material gain, social standing, and power which can cause dangerous and catastrophic ideological polarization, societal dysfunction, moral decay, and human suffering.

While there are many current and historical examples of motivated ignorance, the following are illustrations from our local communities, including some KASD Board members.

  • Denying the existence of systemic racial and gender discrimination

  • Denying the existence of white privilege

  • Denying the need for masks and vaccinations in the midst of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic

  • Denying the idea that avoiding harm to others is more important than personal liberty

  • Believing we have the right to refuse humanity to anyone

  • Believing that KASD’s Equity policy is a subversive attempt to teach CRT

  • Believing that KASD’s Equity policy shames persons of white color and tries to make them feel guilty about their white color

  • Believing that KASD’s Equity policy’s goal is to create equal outcomes for all students undermining educational excellence

  • Denying that frank discussions of U.S. history, especially the tragedies of enslavement, the Jim Crow apartheid, and Native American genocide help us learn from our country's mistakes and avoid repeating them.

  • Believing that banning books protects our children from bad ideas

If we ignore the difference between what we want to hear and what is reality, we will fail to mitigate humanity’s penchant for prejudice and violence and the human suffering it causes. This cannot be allowed.

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